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Transport yourself to the
Holy City's Western Wall

Virtual Jerusalem is continually striving to bring you closer to Israel and improve your experience. With the Kotel Cam, you can virtually visit the holiest site in the world without leaving your computer. For a small service fee of $1 per minute, you can control the high-definition camera and experience the Kotel in real time. Your financial support of the camera enables the continuation of this service to you and many other Virtual Jerusalem members.

  • The kotel cam is easy to use with 22x magnification capability.

See Your Friends and Family - LIVE!

Are you unable to make the trip to Israel for the bar mitzvah of a loved one? With the Kotel Cam, you can participate in your family simchas or watch yuor friends while they visit the most popular place in Israel. Our camera allows you to take control, with vertical and lateral panning as well as super-high definition zoom technology that is so clear you'll feel there, too!

Watch & Control The Kotel Cam Live


How the camera control works?

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