Dinner with Danielle Renov

Dinner with Danielle Renov

Danielle is bringing us only the best dinner recipes. Stick with Danielle and you'll have a kitchen that smells amazing, leftovers you'll be happy to eat, and most importantly, full stomachs! Danielle always brings the brightest, tastiest foods into your kitchens and computer screens!

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Dinner with Danielle Renov
  • Danielle's Passover Mystery Box

    Danielle's got another mystery box challenge—just in time for us to all take on our own! Raiding the pantry has never been this fun, creative, or delicious! See what she does with her mystery box this time!

  • Danielle's Chanukah Mystery Box

    This box had some difficult ingredients, but Danielle won't be discouraged! Watch her make a dish that is perfect for Chanukah! Find out what's in the mystery box!

  • Ground Beef and Taco Seasoning Becomes Two Crowd-Pleasing Dinners

    Celebrate this Taco Tuesday with Danielle's latest "Cook it Once, Serve it Twice" She'll show us how to make your own taco seasoning and use it to create customizable tacos AND unbelievable Mexican Eggrolls.

  • Danielle's Sukkot Mystery Box

    Today we're throwing her a mystery box full of ingredients for her to make a great dinner! Using the surprise ingredients and some pantry staples, she's throwing together dinner completely on the fly!

  • Loaded Sour Cream Flatbreads

    Shavuot is coming and Danielle is back with another awesome recipe. These dairy flatbreads are amazingly quick and simple and can be loaded up with all of your favorite toppings. Go veg-heavy, or add extra cheese. You can even have people build their own!

  • Grilled Chicken Salad with Tater Tot Croutons

    Danielle makes a simple and delicious grilled chicken salad with tater tot croutons.

  • Overstuffed Fried Veal Hero Sandwich

    Go over the top this Purim with souped up heroes! Danielle is layering crunchy, on crunchy, on crunchy and creating the best hero sandwich ever. She'll show you how to make the crispiest fried veal cutlet, and let you in on her new sandwich secret ingredient.

  • Loaded Sour Cream Flatbreads

    Shavuot is coming and Danielle is back with another awesome recipe. These dairy flatbreads are amazingly quick and simple and can be loaded up with all of your favorite toppings. Go veg-heavy, or add extra cheese. You can even have people build their own!

  • Sea Bass with Mango & Coconut

    Looking for an easy, filling and flavorful dinner? Danielle teaches us how to cook up a tropical style Sea Bass dinner. You'll feel like you're on vacation with every bite!

  • Pulled Beef Tot-Crust Pizza

    Did you miss Danielle's amazing @peaslovencarrots Tater Tot ideas? Well check them out on Kosher.com! They're perfect for chol hamoed or any dinner! In this episode, she's making a pizza crust made of tater tots and topping in with an unbelievable pulled brisket!

  • One Incredible Brisket, Two Effortless Dinners

    Danielle is back, and she's here to save you from starting from scratch every night for dinner! "Cook it Once, Serve it Twice" in which one delicious dinner is used to create two unique dishes, so you can take some much needed time for yourself. Tonight, Danielle's making a delicious pomegranate ...

  • The Building Blocks of Cooking

    In the new series of Dinner with Danielle, Danielle is bringing us back to basics — simple, delicious dinners that you can make at home. But sometimes the key to those simple recipes is having a well stocked fridge. In this episode, Danielle shows you 5 of the staples that live in her fridge at a...

  • How to Roast a Whole Chicken

    Danielle is going Back to Basics with this whole roasted chicken. Find out her tips to roasting the perfect chicken — either whole or spatchcock — with an easy and flavorful marinade that you’ll want to make again and again. Plus roast veggies right in the pan and you’ve got a dinner all in one d...

  • The Best Meatballs Ever

    There are dozens of ways to make meatballs—maybe even hundreds!—But leave it to Danielle to bring all of the flavor. Learn how to make this Italian-style, family style masterpiece! Even her brother Eric can't resist!

  • The Best Steak Sandwich

    Sandwiches literally make every food better. And that is certainly true for this incredible—and simple!— steak sandwich. Make Danielle's homemade BBQ Sauce or go for the bottle. One thing's for sure, your tastebuds won't be bored tonight. You can have them for lunch. You can have them for dinner....

  • Pesto Pargiyot The Easiest Schnitzel Ever

    Not interested in standing over a pan of hot oil to get delicious schnitzel? Neither is Danielle. So she came up with this brilliant—and delectable—crispy chicken. Bursting with pesto flavor, these breaded pargiyot (boneless chicken thighs) will delight every time!

  • Chicken Tot Pie

    Danielle's making chicken pot pie with a tater tot crust—or chicken 'tot' pie!

  • Pepper Steak Tacos

    Don't tell anyone — Danielle doesn't like shredded beef. So instead, she makes her tacos with delicious, tender pepper steak. And of course a full bar of toppings!

  • How to Make Any Latke The Best Latke

    Ever wonder why your latkes aren't turning out as crispy and delicious as they should? Danielle will tell you how to make them perfect any time with these tips and tricks! Follow along to make any latke, the perfect latke.

  • Fajitas From The Freezer- Your New Dinner Hack!

    Danielle is back with another great dinner idea! You may have
    heard of fajitas, but did you know that you can prepare them in advance
    and then pull them out of the freezer when you need something quick?
    Danielle has got your new favorite recipe for when you're in a pinch!

  • These Eggrolls Are The Best Leftover Hack

    We're all prone to cooking a little more than we need at times.
    Okay, maybe our fridges are packed with leftovers. But rather that
    searching for fridge space for your next big meal, why not turn all of
    those leftovers into one delicious dinner? Join Danielle as she teaches you her ultimate leftov...

  • Grilled Chicken and Crispy Pastrami Panzanella Salad

    A salad with bread? Sign us up! Start this week off right with Danielle's take on a traditional Tuscan Panzanella. With chopped grilled chicken, crispy pastrami, toasted bread, and a stunning tomato vinaigrette, tonight's dinner just got interesting!

  • Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burger Wraps

    These ingenious reinvention of classic turkey burgers takes dinner to a whole new level. And you've never seen spinach and artichoke dip like this before! Wrap it up in a crisp lettuce leaf or a whole wheat wrap and make the whole table happy!

  • Easy Spinach Artichoke Quiche

    Looking for the perfect simple, delicious dinner recipe? Danielle's got it! This crust has just 4 ingredients and can be filled with whatever you have handy. Danielle's favorite is Spinach and Artichoke!