Easy Does It with Esty Wolbe

Easy Does It with Esty Wolbe

With the creativity and humor that has gained her so many fans in her famous “I Don’t Cook But I Give Out Recipes” group and "Cooking with Tantrums" recipe blog, Esty’s eye is on busy moms with kids underfoot, or about to walk into the door. Her recipes are creative yet easy to make, great for the whole family, and incredibly delicious.

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Easy Does It with Esty Wolbe
  • Esty's Simple Granola

    Find out why Esty calls this the "Little Black Dress of Granola." This granola recipe is simple, sweet, and delicious. A perfect snack, topping, or breakfast for you and your family!

  • BBQ Leftovers Pizza

    Everyone loves grilling, but no one wants to eat the leftovers the next day. Esty saves the day by showing us how to elevate any BBQ extras into a delicious pizza. No one will ever know where it came from!

  • Summer Drinks with Frozen Berries

    Want your Summer cocktails and smoothies to sing without getting watered down? Esty’s got the perfect hack for you: Frozen berries! Watch and find out how to turn your summer drinks into year-round delights!

  • All-Time Favorite Mini Deli Roll

    Deli roll is one of the classic Shabbos sides we've all come to love. In this episode, Esty demonstrates the ingenious way to update this classic in adorable mini version. Watch as she shows you the foolproof technique to keeping deli rolls from opening up and making a mess. Your deli roll wil...

  • One Pan Chicken & Gnocchi

    Esty is sharing this easiest one-pan dinner. The chicken and gnocchi are all baked in one dish and are filled with tons of umami flavor and herbs. Enjoy this as an easy weeknight dinner that the entire family can enjoy!

  • No-Bake Hazelnut Butter Fudge Bars

    You know that thing you're looking to snack on Pesach, but you just don't know what it is? This is it. You're welcome. Sweet and salty, these will definitely hit the spot.

  • Fried Blooming Onion

    Esty shows you how to make one of her favorite Chanukah treats—these gorgeous blooming onions. She'll break down how easy it is to make these and show you how to turn up the flavor on your average blooming onion using Lipton Onion Soup Mix packets.

  • Salami Nachos

    Just because you're keeping it simple this year, it doesn't mean you can't get creative. Check out Esty's Salami nachos—perfect for passover, because the salami is the chip! Make it your own by dressing it up with whatever toppings you have or like! It's also a great snack!

  • Korean Chicken Wings

    Whether you're preparing for the big game, getting ready for Purim, or just looking for a delicious crowd pleaser, Esty's Korean Wings are out of this world. Watch how simple it is to create this dish that packs a punch!

  • Cheesy Eggplant Boats

    Looking for something to fill the time between cheesecakes? Esty is here for the rest of the menu planning. These Cheesy Eggplant Boats will be your new best friends.

  • Spinach Feta-Stuffed Salmon

    Looking for a new, delicious salmon recipe that's also super easy? This elegant salmon is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Weeknight Gnocchi

    Get ready to add this one to your weekly dinner rotation! Esty is back with the ultimate easy dinner. Gnocchi and meat sauce, all in one pot! And with Bartenura gnocchi, your dish will be ready in 3 minutes!

  • Apple Stuffed Spiced Cupcakes

    Box cake mix is super easy, but it also tastes like it came from
    a box. Mix it up with these spiced cupcakes. They've got all the ease of cupcake mix, but they're bursting with autumn flavors! Take a bite and enjoy cinnamon, nutmeg, apple pie, and more! Plus a little caramel never hurt anyone.

  • The Bundt Cake Glaze That's Perfect Every Time

    Ever try to make a glaze that looks beautifully shiny in the bowl
    but disappears into your cake in minutes? You’re not alone! Let Esty
    walk you through this technique that’ll let you get it perfect every
    time. Before you know it, you’ll be glazing every dessert in the house!

  • Easy Does It, Pretzel Dogs

    Why bother with crumbly, defrosted hot dog buns when you can wrap your hot dogs in fluffy, salty pretzel buns. Find out how to give them that crisp, pretzel taste and texture with Esty Wolbe!

  • Something-for-Everyone Salmon

    It's hard to find a dish that everyone at the table agrees on — but not with this dish! Esty Wolbe is back with another genius hack - this time creating a whole side of salmon with toppings for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy salmon with wasabi peas, almonds, toasted sesame seeds, and more!

  • Tortellini Soup

    Tortellini soup is a complete meal in a bowl, and you can cook it up in no time! Esty Wolbe is back with another brilliant, one-pot dinner idea. No need to even defrost the tortellini! Just let them boil and cook directly in the soup for that extra tomato-y flavor!

  • Flower Cupcakes that are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

    We all want our desserts to look one-of-a-kind- even if they’re
    store bought! Well, who says those two can’t go together?

  • The Most Multi-Purpose Item You'll Make This Pesach

    Join Esty Wolbe in making the most multi-purpose item you'll make for Pesach. It's simple, delicious and you'll want to make it again and again.

  • Easy Viennese Crunch Ice Cream Cake

    Esty Wolbe is back with another amazing, easy dessert! This ice cream ice box cake is put together in minutes, and will look beautiful on your table. Layered with rich caramel, chocolate, and nutty Viennese crunch, this is the perfect addition to your Seudah table.

  • Faked Ziti

    This is my Faked Ziti- for Baked Ziti. There's no draining and no baking so you can do it all with one hand. If you want to cheat and use two hands, that's okay too. This is the easiest thing to make for dinner. It's a staple in our home and I'm sure it will soon become a staple in yours.

  • Cinnamon Buns with Esty Wolbe Easy Does It

    Use leftover Challah dough to make a family favorite! The more icing the better.

  • Not All Kosher for Pesach Pies are Created Equal

    Esty's going to show you how to make a delicious Smore Brownie Pie! Your guests won't believe it's gluten free and kosher for Passover.

  • Spaghetti Squashuka with Esty Wolbe!

    Stuffed baked squash is a light, simple-to-prepare meal that you'll enjoy digging into again and again.