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Expert Analysis

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Expert Analysis
  • Judah Ari Gross- Border Police Injured by Friendly Fire

    Two Israeli Border Policemen were lightly wounded by friendly fire this morning. This, as they tried to stop a smuggling attempt along the Egyptian border.

  • Dr. Joshua Krasna- Israeli President to Visit Turkey February

    Israeli Turkey relations, where Israel’s President is set to visit Turkey in mid-February. This, according to his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdoğan.

  • Joseph Gitler- 77th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

    Today marks International Holocaust Day, as the world commemorates and pays tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz Birkenau. Yet, among Israel's estimated 165,000 survivors, roughly one in three, are living in p...

  • Dr. Barry Lynn- Schools set to close across Israel

    Meanwhile Israel is bracing for the arrival of one of the strongest storms in years, as winter storm Elpis heads this way. Schools across the country are set to close early as heavy snowfall is expected over the northern and central mountains.

  • Marni Schamroth- DISNEY+ to be released this summer

    And finally, great news for Disney fans! The Disney+ streaming service is set to be released in Israel this summer.

  • Neta Bar- US president threatens Putin with sanctions

    Tensions continue to rise as Russia amasses 100,000 forces on the Russia-Ukraine border causing international concerns of a Russian invasion. Meanwhile Israel, which maintains warm ties with both countries staying on the sidelines, though reportedly already has plans in place to evacuate tens of ...

  • Dr. Moshe Ashkenazi- Israel set to stop isolation of children

    Israel is set to exempt schoolchildren from quarantine if they are exposed to a COVID carrier - this, as of tomorrow. With record numbers of students stuck at home, this is threatening to drive the economy to a standstill. But, with the rapid spread of the omicron variant, Israel’s Health Ministr...

  • Vyacheslav Likhachev- Jewish community interested/not interested in evacuation

    Tensions continue to rise as Russia amasses 100,000 forces on the Russia-Ukraine border causing international concerns of a Russian invasion. Meanwhile Israel, which maintains warm ties with both countries staying on the sidelines, though reportedly already has plans in place to evacuate tens of ...

  • Dr. Fadi Essmaeel- Iran weeks away from nuclear capabilities

    The Institute for National Security Studies, or INSS presented its annual report to the president of Israel Ishak Herzog, on Monday and outlined three major threats facing Israel - including Iran, the Palestinian arena and lack of a peace deal, as well as Israel's domestic arena

  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar- What is Russia’s middle east strategy?

    This week, Russian and Syrian military pilots began the first of presumably many joint air patrols along the Golan heights, right along Israel's border. Raising concerns over Israel’s ability to conduct air strikes against Iranian targets in the country.

  • Prof. Nadav Davidovitch- Is the Omicron variant the beginning of the end?

    Cautious optimism seems to be the word of the day when speaking about the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Moshe Chertoff- Is Israel prepared for a large magnitude quake?

    With multiple minor tremors and not one but two earthquakes felt throughout Israel on Sunday, many officials are asking - just how prepared is Israel in the event of a major earthquake?

  • Asaf Nissan- Foreign minister meets with senior PA member Hussein Al-Sheikh

    Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with a senior member of the Palestinian Authority and a close ally of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Hussein Al Sheikh, on Sunday.

  • Michael Dickson– 1 in 4 Jews in us target of Anti-Semitic attack

    This week the world will mark international holocaust remembrance day on January 27th…and as such the Israel ministry of diaspora affairs has released a new report on Saturday night which shows how antisemitism around the world has skyrocketed this past year

    Michael Dickson | Author & Exec. Dir;...

  • Prof. Cyrille Cohen- Has Israel reached the peak of the omicron wave?

    In coronavirus news…Israel still in the midst of the omicron wave…though experts estimating the country has now reached the peak and the 5th wave is expected to wane in the coming weeks

    Prof. Cyrille Cohen | Head, Immunotherapy Lab; Bar-Ilan University

  • Israel ‘Relik’ Shafir- Cabinet votes to establish commission of inquiry

    On Sunday the cabinet held a vote to establish a commission to probe the submarine affair - or case 3000..let’s take a look at prime minister bennet’s remarks at the start of the cabinet meeting..

    Brig. Gen. (Res) Israel ‘Relik’ Shafir |Fmr Cmdr.; Tel-Nof Air Force Base

  • Shas party leader resigns from Knesset in bargain with A-G - Asaf Nissan

    Ultra-orthodox shas party leader Aryeh Deri has submitted his resignation from the Knesset on Sunday as part of a plea bargain agreement

    Asaf Nissan | ILTV Reporter

  • Prof. Shmuel Shapira- Israeli covid-vaccine snagged by ‘bureaucracy & sabotage’

    As Pfizer is getting most of the attention for their vaccines, Israel’s homegrown ‘Bri-Life’ vaccine – is falling by the wayside. But recent studies seem to suggest that the Bri-Life shot – developed by the defense ministry’s IIBR – is more effective against new variants like Omicron, as well as ...

  • Meirav Har-Even- T.A.U study finds link between diet and brain regeneration

    Something for your mind, as well as for your gut. Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University discovering how diet can reduce – and even help reverse the cognitive effects of brain injuries in mice.

  • Amb. (Ret.) Haim Koren- Delegation arrives despite ongoing fallout from coup

    Israel and Sudan agreed to normalize ties last year, and now, an Israeli delegation are arriving in Khartoum for top level meetings. But this, despite a military coup, and ongoing anti-coup demonstrations. So, what does this meeting mean – for normalization, and in general?

  • Dr. Emmanuel Navon - Israeli PM: ‘No logical reason to continue negotiations’

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressing the Davos world economic forum, on Tuesday, and taking advantage of the platform to call out global powers who’ve been negotiating a return to the JCPOA nuclear deal in Vienna, opposite Iran. Bennett again warning against capitulating to Iranian demands –...

  • Dr. Linda Zintman - Expand your business with Achi, at

    We’ve all gotten used to working in an online marketplace. Both as customers, and sellers – and especially because of the pandemic. but so how do new businesses stand out? Particularly Israeli businesses who want to expand their reach?

    Dr. Linda Zintman | Achi

  • Dr. Alon Liel - Jlem playing hard-to-get as Erdogan calls rapprochement

    Israeli President Isaac Herzog in talks to visit turkey. And if the visit goes through, this would be the first such official trip since 2007. But rumors of strengthening ties and rapprochement still taken with a heaping grain of salt.

    Dr. Alon Liel | Fmr Israeli Amb. To Turkey

  • Micki Inbar - Northern life shutters under heavy rain & snowfall

    Schools and businesses shuttering across the northern Israeli regions as snow, heavy rainfall, and temperatures continue to drop across the country.

    Micki Inbar | Hermon Resort Spokesperson