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Expert Analysis

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Expert Analysis
  • Yafit Ovadia- Israeli nano-satellite received by int’l space station

    The second Israeli astronaut, Eytan Stibbe’s mission is soon approaching. So, Tel Aviv university launched its “tausat-3” nanosatellite – as one of the 43 experiments under his purview. The satellite successfully docking with the international space station on Sunday.

  • Tal Inbar- Israel downs & captures Hezbollah U.A.V

    The IDF reportedly downing and capturing a Hezbollah UAV as it was flying over Israeli airspace. And this amidst a sharp rise in the reliance on drones for advanced warfare. So, how is Israel holding up?

  • Tamar Carmon- Recognizing essential workers for “Int’l Thank-You Day

    January 11 marking “international thank-you day”, where you guessed it – we’re supposed to express our gratitude. And the Israeli ‘Latet’ non-profit again leading the charge – offering thanks to our many essential-service providers.

  • Dr. Varda Shiffer- Pandemic exacerbating pre-existing issues in education

    The coronavirus not just causing trouble – but actively exacerbating previously-existing issues, as well. And analysts alleging that the education system particularly hard-hit.

  • Asaf Nissan- Why the P.A is looking to renew ties with Syria & Egypt

    The Palestinian Authority becomes the latest to join a number of Arab states in calling for renewed diplomatic ties with the Assad regime in war-torn Syria. Additionally, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas heading to Egypt to talk about renewing discussions with Israel.

  • Marc Schulman- Fmr Prime Ministers battle over libel accusations

    Former Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu – neither of whom strangers to a tribunal – returning to court in Tel Aviv, but perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect. The Netanyahu family suing Olmert for libel, after Olmert called the Netanyahu’s “insane” in a series of interviews. ...

  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar- Public anger grows against Iran & its proxy – Hezbollah

    Amidst a worsening economic crisis in Lebanon, Iranian proxy terror group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, faces increasing unrest and contempt. Some 80% of Lebanese voters now reportedly against the Shia terrorist organization, and they’re becoming more and more vocal about it too.

  • Adv. Said Haj Yahia- Arab-Israeli-sector violence claims 1st victims of 2022

    Violent crime in the Arab-Israeli sector reaching new heights in 2021, with over 100 people murdered; including several women and children. And despite ongoing efforts to stem the tide, 2022 is not looking much better. A 4-year old boy in Northern Israel was fatally shot in the head and neck on T...

  • Joseph Gitler- Holocaust survivors in Israel suffer under poverty line

    A 91-year old Auschwitz death-camp survivor discovered in Jerusalem – living in completely neglected and impoverished conditions. His tiny 200-square-foot apartment covered in mold, crumbling walls, exposed wires, rotten furniture, and left without running water. But worst of all, this is far fro...

  • Yossi Gevir- Resolution against Holocaust denial coming to the U.N.G.A

    Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, submitting a historic resolution to the UN General Assembly. And set for a vote on January 20 – the 80th anniversary of the Nazi’s Wannsee Conference – the resolution addressing the apparent rise in holocaust denial and antisemitism around th...

  • Prof. Zvika Granot- Experts say program for covid-prevention (now) a farce

    Israeli officials easing restrictions nearly every day. But many experts increasingly arguing that most regulations are irrelevant, and should therefore be scrapped altogether.

  • MK May Golan- Plenum debate devolves into shouting matches & walkouts

    A debate over a bill to connect thousands of illegally built homes to the power grid – mostly in Arab communities – erupting in shouts, insults, and a walkout. Particularly after an all-Arabic argument between coalition and opposition lawmakers. But more than anything, this bill becoming the late...

  • Prof. Villy Abraham - New quality-of-life city-ranking puts Jerusalem dead last

    Jerusalem may be one of the most holy cities on earth, but it’s one of the worst places in Israel to live. A new report by the Israeli central bureau of statistics looking at quality of life across the country in 2020, and ranked the Capital as dead last among the cities surveyed. Kfar Saba, mean...

  • Shay Bramson- Israel officially extends eligibility to LGBTQ+ couples

    The Israeli health minister, Nitzan Horowitz finally announced that same-sex couples will be able to have children through a surrogate in Israel starting next week. But the decision coming a whole year after the relevant Israeli supreme court decision – which annulled parts of a surrogacy law pre...

  • Prof. Cyrille Cohen- Are new Covid-variants becoming more or less dangerous

    As Omicron making its rounds and becoming the dominant strain around the globe – experts worried by the high chance of a new more dangerous variant taking over. And in fact, another variant already capturing headlines. I-H-U, or the so-called French variant, linked to at least 12 cases and trave...

  • Asaf Nissan- Iran marks 2 years since the death of Iran’s top military official

    Speaking of the 2-year-anniversary to Soleimani’s death, the assassination of the leader of the Iranian revolutionary guard had a major impact on the region and in Iran especially. So, what has happened since his death? Was anyone able to fill his shoes? And how did this affect the region?

  • Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein- Travel ban harmed Israel-Diaspora relations?

    The health ministry announced an easing of restrictions with regards to the travel ban, on Monday – with many countries taken off the red list - and now foreigners from orange countries will soon be allowed to enter Israel. But this may be too little too late for diaspora Jews, who have been very...

  • Dr. Doron Dushnitzky- Israel adopts a policy of mass infection & herd immunity?

    Daily coronavirus cases are surging and yet health officials estimating that within the next two weeks an estimated 2-4 million Israelis will contract the virus, in a country of less than 10 million people, and what’s more the current administration easing restrictions - with Prime Minister Benne...

  • Asst. Prof. Villy Abraham- Israeli food giant announces pending 3-7% price hikes

    Now if you’re a fan of the Israeli staple, “Bamba” or any of Israel’s other major snacks, then listen up, because manufacturing company, Osem, ruffling a lot of feathers this week. Several supermarket chains and activists even calling for a boycott of their goods, as the Israeli food giant announ...

  • Chief rabbi ‘blackmailing gov’t’ over new conversion reform

    Apart from threats to our safety and to our health, Jewish Israelis seemingly increasingly facing a threat to their identity. This as chief rabbi of Israel, David Lau, freezing all state-affiliated conversions as part of a protest against planned conversion reforms.

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    Experience Israel’s most popular restaurants, farmers’ markets, and food fests, all while learning how to prepare the Middle East’s most delicious dishes.

  • 16. Insight to Israel

    Get an insight to Israel with Natasha Kirtchuk as she explores the ins and outs of the Holy Land.

  • Leah Goldin- Prisoner-swap coordinator quits over Israeli ‘helplessness’

    Talks with Hamas in Gaza following the war with the terror group last May, still stalling, and while the Bennett-Lapid gov’t promised – among other things – to condition Gaza aid on the release of Israelis captured by Hamas. It seems this too is falling through. A senior IDF officer in charge of ...

  • Dr. Martin Sherman- P.A chairman arrives in Israel for rare surprise summit

    Major headlines as Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, comes to the Israeli city of Rosh Haayin, for a surprise meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz – and at Gantz’ personal residence. This is the first time Abbas has held an official meeting with Israelis in Israel since ...