ILTV Highlights

  • Terror attack in Tel Aviv

    Terror in Tel Aviv: 2 killed and 13 wounded as a Palestinian terrorist Ra’ad Hazem, a 28-year-old from Jenin in the northern West Bank, approached the popular bar on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street and opened fire, striking 15 people.

  • Our thirsty planet: securing the future of water

    Today the international community recognizes World Water Day to highlight the importance of freshwater. In the studio and via zoom with us today some of the leading figures in the world of Water security to discuss. Join us! To

    learn more please visit the link:

  • Netanyahu expected to testify before commission of inquiry

    The cabinet voted to approve a commission of inquiry into the submarines’ affair.

  • Israel at peak of omicron wave; over half a million active Covid19 cases

    In Coronavirus news, despite cautiously optimistic predictions for the future, Israel is still at the peak of the 5th wave - known as the Omicron wave. With the highest number of weekly Covid19 cases in the world.

  • Cabinet approves new green-pass & isolation regulations

    Israel’s daily coronavirus update, as the omicron variant continues running wild.

  • Famed eatery reopens after its destruction in may riots

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the famed ‘Uri Buri’ restaurant in Akko reopening after being burned down in the riots last year in May.

  • Yedidia Harush - Southern communities’ team with JNF-USA for a creamy future

    Israel’s south has seen a lot development over the years and during the past decade, many new settlements and towns likewise popping up in the area. One of which, the communities of Halutza – which consists of Nave, Shlomit and Bnei Netzarim. And Halutza particularly special as it received a lot ...

  • Lidar Gravé-Lazi- Israeli population nearing 10 million on eve of 2022

    This past weekend the world rang in the new year – and so too did Israelis. Neither the Omicron variant spreading at an unprecedented pace – nor rockets being fired towards the heart of the country could stop Israelis from going out and having a good time.

  • Trapped from home – riot erupts at Ben Gurion int’l airport

    Less than 24 hours after revealing the latest restrictions and serious anger is setting in, with riots breaking out at the gates of Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport. And the sentiments only spreading.

  • 800-Y.O. bells & organ pipes recovered by church of nativity

    Tintinnabulation, or the sound of ringing bells, is no stranger to holy cities like Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Churches have been using bell as a call to prayer for hundreds of years. But a relatively recent discovery now inspiring researchers who hope to recreate the music as it sounded in the birt...

  • Police pull over bad driver & discover antiquities thieves

    Police hitting a goldmine – or should we say, a bronze-mine – in Jerusalem. detectives pulling over a car full of suspects and discover a treasure trove of rare and stolen antiquities.

  • Tehran times publishes map of Israel with potential targets for strike

    Iranian state affiliated newspaper The Tehran Times, issued a very public threat to Israel on Wednesday morning.

  • Talking about accessibility from the Dubai Expo

    We head back to the gulf for the second and final installment of “ILTV in the UAE.” And this time, ILTV’s Asaf Nissan rejoins us from the Israeli pavilion at the Dubai Expo – on the international day for disabled persons. The focus shifting to issues of accessibility.

  • Seth J. Frantzman- Mossad agents reportedly flip Iranian nuclear workers

    Negotiators in Vienna report zero-progress in renewing nuclear agreements. And this fact giving further credence to Israel’s call for ‘alternative action.’ But “what kind of alternative,” you ask? A number of new reports now shedding light on alleged secret operations to stunt the ayatollah regim...

  • Adv. David Benjamin- Dutch court reviews & rejects “war-crimes” allegations

    A controversial court case decided. The Dutch court of appeals reviewed the arguments against Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, on Tuesday – whereby a Dutch-Palestinian national, blamed Gantz for the deaths of his six family members during the 2014 Gaza war. And this, as Gantz was, at the tim...

  • Easy “Zeppole” donuts made in a bag!

    One of the best things about Hanukkah is the donuts. And now, you can make amazing pastries at home without hassle or mess!

  • New building donated to help impoverished children

    Offering a helping hand for the holidays, to those in need of it most. Israeli NGO Yad Ezra V’Shulamit – with the mission of lifting children out of poverty – now opening a new children’s center in the Northern Israeli city of Tzfat. And we can help furnish the center through the NGO’s new drive.

  • Pageant contestants tour holy city; meet women leaders

    Contestants for this year’s miss universe competition in Eilat, are visiting the holy city ahead of the start of the contest on December 12. Israeli authorities assuring that the event will go on as planned, despite a number of minor hiccups.

  • Israel closes to all foreigners amidst new Covid variant

    The world is reeling once again, amidst the latest covid-variant that make its rounds across the planet. And Israel, is among one of the first nations already imposing new restrictions to mitigate the damages.

  • Murdered victims of domestic violence share their stories

    Thursday last weekend marked the international day for the elimination of violence against women, and just in time for the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics releasing its disturbing annual report. The document alleging that some 60,000 Israeli women were victims of violence in 2020, with anoth...

  • Victim identified as 26-year-old Eli Kay, an oleh from South Africa

    The Israeli civilian killed in the Jerusalem terrorist attack, Eli Kay, may his memory be a blessing - a 26-year-old oleh from South Africa was laid to rest on Monday in Jerusalem.

  • Israel rolls out Pfizer vaccinations for children ages 5-11

    As the reproduction rate, or R, continues to rise above 1, thousands of Israelis have already rushed to make appointments for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shots for their children as the country begins vaccinating kids ages 5 to 11.

  • Hamas terror attack in old city kills one & injures four

    Panic and bloodshed in the capital – with the second terror attack in Jerusalem in just four days. This as a Hamas terrorist gunman shot at police and civilians on Sunday morning. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Iranian’s boo Ayatollahs; call for people-led regime change

    As Hamas increases its terrorism against Israel, world leaders are increasingly taking aim at Hamas. The UK is now announcing an amendment to its Terrorism Act of 2000.