ILTV Highlights

  • Victim identified as 26-year-old Eli Kay, an oleh from South Africa

    The Israeli civilian killed in the Jerusalem terrorist attack, Eli Kay, may his memory be a blessing - a 26-year-old oleh from South Africa was laid to rest on Monday in Jerusalem.

  • Israel rolls out Pfizer vaccinations for children ages 5-11

    As the reproduction rate, or R, continues to rise above 1, thousands of Israelis have already rushed to make appointments for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shots for their children as the country begins vaccinating kids ages 5 to 11.

  • Hamas terror attack in old city kills one & injures four

    Panic and bloodshed in the capital – with the second terror attack in Jerusalem in just four days. This as a Hamas terrorist gunman shot at police and civilians on Sunday morning. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Iranian’s boo Ayatollahs; call for people-led regime change

    As Hamas increases its terrorism against Israel, world leaders are increasingly taking aim at Hamas. The UK is now announcing an amendment to its Terrorism Act of 2000.

  • Two border policemen sustain injuries; Palestinian attacker killed

    Two border policemen were wounded in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, according to the Israel Police.

  • Holocaust victims primped & pampered in annual pageant

    The world is looking at Israel ahead of the annual Miss Universe competition – which this year, set to be hosted in the Red Sea city of Eilat. But before Miss Israel Noa Cochva even takes the stage, another incredible Israeli is crowned in Jerusalem.

  • Plant-based ‘steaks’ making their way across the world

    A revolution in the meat industry taking off from Tel Aviv.

  • I.A.A excavations breathe new life into biblical story

    The Jewish Hanukkah festival is coming up at the end of this month, and what could be more fitting for celebrating the Maccabean revolt – than an archaeological discovery from the times of the Maccabees themselves?

  • Israel now calling on donor states to resume P.A funding

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Ethiopian-Israeli Jews march for “Solomon II” in Jerusalem

    Ethiopian-Israelis flood the streets of Jerusalem, on Sunday, calling for the government to expedite the rescue of their relatives.

  • Miss S. Africa weathers anti-Israel slander & BDS lies

    The Miss Universe contest in Eilat Israel, is getting closer and closer and anti-Israel pressures on contestants not to participate are seemingly growing. Primary target, Miss South Africa, however, remains as poised as ever in the face of hate.

  • Activists rejecting summit’s watered-down “success”

    The United Nations Climate Conference, in Glasgow Scotland came to a close on Saturday. And for the first time, the C.O.P-summit leads to a deal targeting fossil fuels as the key driver of global warming. Many – both within and outside the conference walls – repeating arguments, however, that not...

  • Jerusalem Santa visits Golan heights to distribute Christmas greetings

    Santa Claus visited northern Israel on Wednesday, with the assistance of the Israel ministry of tourism and the Golan economic society's tourism division. Issa Anis Kassissieh, also known as the Jerusalem Santa or the Holy Land Santa, filmed a Christmas greetings video in the Golan Heights to be ...

  • Anat Harrel- 2000-Y.O Mikveh finally finds its new home

    An incredible update in the saga of a 2000-year old Mikveh, or Jewish ritual bath – which was moved last year, from its original location to a nearby kibbutz in the lower Galilee.

  • Prof. Eytan Gilboa- D.C supporting Palestinian ‘right of return’ to Israel?

    The United States is making headlines for reversing its vote on a controversial resolution. Three annually recurring resolutions return to the U.N floor on Tuesday, and all three affirming the work of the Palestinian Refugee Organization, UNRWA. Additionally, all three are likewise calling for a ...

  • Dr. Fadi Essmaeel- Israel, Syria, & Russia in quiet concert against Iran?

    Israel is being accused of another airstrike in Syria, the third in a week and a half, and if truly the work of the IDF, this would be one of hundreds of such attacks in the past few years. Israel in the past, previously as much. So, here’s the question, if Israel is so consistently attacking Syr...

  • Life returns to (near) normal as vaxxing up; infections down

    The new numbers are in, and Covid-19 morbidity figures continue to fall to ‘relatively low numbers.’ This as north of four-million Israelis get their 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, or booster shot. So, following consultations with health experts, the government again eases restrictions.

  • Anti-Israel protests threaten Amb. Hotovely with violence

    Disturbing events unfolding in the UK, as an anti-Israel student protest began with the abject call for the total elimination of Israel and ended with an attempted assault of Israeli ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely.

  • David Benjamin- Soldiers accused of apathy amid alleged ‘settler violence

    The West Bank is rampaging, as settlers entered a playground inside the Palestinian hamlet of Susiya in the south Hebron hills. According to left-wing Israeli activists on the scene, the settlers expelled Palestinian children who were in the playground. This in addition to a video released over t...

  • Prof. Nadav Davidovich- Israel opening borders to twice-vaxxed-visitors

    Israel shares equipment and insights with nations like Romania, to help curb the virus’ spread abroad. And internally, the cabinet loosened restrictions for foreign visitors on Sunday – enabling groups of up to forty tourists to enter the country – as long as they have been vaccinated twice, and ...

  • Asaf Nissan- Authorities arrest 5 suspected of planning terror attacks

    Iran is at it again. A report by Channel 12 News reveals that 5 people have been arrested in Africa; under suspicion that they were planning to carry out terror attacks against Israeli tourists and business-people on behalf of Iran. All this while the Iranian government keeps putting more politic...

  • Cabinet clashes leave 1000s of Jews trapped in civil war

    Despite popular protests in the capital against western depictions of the conflict, world nations are still looking-on with anxiety, at the events unfolding in Ethiopia. Tigrayan forces are reportedly advancing towards Addis Ababa, a state of emergency is being put into effect, and some nine Ethi...

  • Tel Aviv court suspends auction of Auschwitz tattoo kit

    The auctioning of a rare Holocaust-era artifact put on hold. Israeli courts are levying an injunction on the sale pending a hearing on whether or not it should proceed.

  • P.A blames Israel for environmental shortcomings

    It’s halfway through the first week of COP-26, the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland and already – mistakenly preventing entry to Israeli Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, aside – the conference has been very productive so far. With Naftali Bennett, again lauding the nation’s ...