Belgian Court sentences prime suspect to life in prison; accomplice gets 15 years

Brussels court has now convicted French citizen Mehdi Nemmouche of "terrorist murder" this past week for the shooting and killing of four people in a Brussels Jewish museum in May of 2014. He’ll be sentenced to life in prison.


Nemmouche, who is now 33, carried out the attack at the Jewish museum together with his suspected accomplice, Nacer Bendrer, after returning to Europe from Syria, where he had fought alongside Islamist militants in Syria's civil war. Reuters reported that during the trial, Nemmouche’s lawyer alleged that actually, camera footage of the shooting was faked going onto instead blame the shooting on the Israeli Mossad spy agency. But families of the victims responded to the verdict saying justice had been won.


Meanwhile, Guillaume Lys, a lawyer for the French association of terror victims, similarly said that he saw this ruling as a "reason to hope" for the victims of other terror attacks who are still waiting for trial.

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