Animal rights advocates & children with special needs flock to ‘Freedom Farm’

Disabled animals are enjoying a second chance at life here Israel at the freedom farm located in Moshav Oresh– a small agricultural community located in central Israel.

Founded by animal rights activists Adit Romano, a 52-year-old former business executive, and 38-year-old Meital Ben-Ari, a former hi-tech executive, the farm’s purpose is two-fold: provide a soft spot to land for disabled animals and teach visitors the importance of ensuring animal rights. In fact, speaking of his farm, which acts like a petting zoo of sorts, Romano said "If you want people to open their hearts towards these animals, we have to bring them close."

From animals raised for slaughter, or donated by sympathetic farmers to others who were abandoned due to their disability, the nearly 240 animals on the freedom farm now have a chance to live their lives to their fullest extent. What’s more, is that visiting the farm has been found to be particularly gratifying to children with special needs who enjoy touring the farm’s five acres of green pastures, stables and a barn.

Though maintaining such a space doesn’t come cheap. Actually, it costs upwards of around $1 million a year to keep everything up and running, while the owners rely on donations, crowdfunding campaigns and volunteers with a soft spot for animals to keep costs low. So if you’re interested, check out the freedom farm online at freedom-farm.org.il, and support your local animal rights.


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