Says he’s looking into the matter and ‘will give an answer soon’.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is also seemingly eyeing the green-vote now as he indicated Monday night that he’d seriously look into cannabis legalization, should he win in April elections.

In response to a question on legalization in a Likud-TV webcast, Netanyahu said “I’m now looking into the matter you brought up; I will give you an answer soon, it’s possible that it will happen.” But no real details about a timeline or ideological positions were offered. Many view the comment as a response to the pro-cannabis Zehut party, led by former Likud MK Moshe Feiglin. The Zehut party has for years made cannabis legalization it’s top platform; pushing to “End the persecution of cannabis users with full and regulated legalization of cannabis, and based on the restrictions on the sale of alcohol and on the restrictions already in use where cannabis is legal.”

And currently, polls show Zehut hovering at just around the 3.25% electoral threshold after a slight bump in the ratings when the pro-cannabis green leaf party dropped out. Then after Netanyahu’s most recent comments, the Zehut party even responded to Netanyahu saying that ‘the entire political spectrum is moving towards Zehut’s firm stance on the matter adding that “legalization in Israel will save the lives of thousands of sick people and will free many citizens from unnecessary persecution.”

All that said though, there have already been several positive changes under Netanyahu’s tenure in the world of Israeli cannabis. Including among others, the loosening of restrictions for medical cannabis use the approval of medicinal cannabis exports and the decriminalization of first time cannabis offenses. 

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