AI-software analyzes medical imaging scans to prioritize radiology workloads

Israel’s “Zebra Medical Vision” is a kibbutz-based startup that aims to provide radiologists with the best quality tools for imaging and scan analysis. They hope that with their help by 2020, Israel will be the first nation to have most of the country covered by its AI software. The company now has a massive opportunity to do just that, as the Zebra systems will soon be installed in clinics and hospitals across the country.

As the Israeli Innovation Authority has now given Zebra Medical a multi-million-dollar grant, for the purposes of integrating their products as soon as possible. Especially as the system is already operating in hospitals around the world, while lagging behind here. So the rollout will be starting with Clalit and Maccabi health services in addition to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv; with hopes of reaching at least 90% of Israeli patients in need within the next few years.

The zebra products are designed in such a way that the AI-system helps prioritize radiology images in terms of what’s most urgent.  According to the website, the technology uses millions of scans in its database, along with deep learning tools, to “analyze data in real time with human level accuracy” including for X-rays, CT scans and mammography scans among others. Healthcare providers have already been using the Zebra AI to alert patients to issues and diseases related to the cardiovascular system, the lungs, bones, and more.


That being said, Zebra goes on to ease the minds of medical practitioners who are worried about being put out of a job by insisting that the program is only meant to assist growing workloads. “With zebra, focus can be provided to the right patients, at the right time - saving overall costs while improving care.”

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