IRGC military leadership says ‘enemies will be humiliated and shamed’

Iran’s Defense Ministry revealed on Thursday that it had just launched a massive drone exercise, aimed at showcasing the country’s military capabilities. And titled ‘Beit al-Maqdis,’ in reference to Jerusalem, the revelation also appears to be overtly aimed at intimidating the Jewish State.

Now according to Iranian news agencies, at least 50 drones based on the United States’ sentinel, as well as several other combat-ready models were reported to be operating simultaneously and at distances of over 1000 km apart from one another. Iranian military leaders also noted that the exercise will practice the ability to “design and plan co-flying UAV’S in small geographic areas”.  


Additionally, Iran claims that their drones are advanced, Iranian-made versions; of models like the American MQ1 predator drones– with IRGC officials like Maj. General Rashid going onto exclaim that today, “we are witnessing the strongest maneuvers of the IRGC’S aerospace forces and that Iran’s enemies will be humiliated and shamed.  That being said, images released by the Fars news agency seem to belie Iran’s boasts, as first, the drones are not shown in flight save for sporadic sightings. 


And second, in a photo published by Fars news on Twitter, some of the so-called advanced drones are even seen latched onto the top of pickup trucks. And it remains unclear why that would be necessary. But at any rate, in the midst of Iran’s threats regarding it’s oil shipments in the Persian Gulf and through the Strait of Hormuz, as well as it’s continued destabilization in the Middle East both directly and by proxy, all regional parties are taking these latest developments seriously.

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