Possible connection found between Ethiopian Air & Lyon Air crashes.

An FAA emergency order has now been put out, forcing Boeing to officially ground all of it’s 737-Max 8 and Max-9 aircrafts until further notice. And this, as new evidence in the Ethiopian airlines crash last Sunday that killed 157 including 2 Israelis, now appears to show similarities with the Lyon Air incident in Indonesia from last October.

According to the announcement, new findings from the crash-site in Addis Ababa, in addition to ‘newly refined satellite data’ beg ‘further investigation into the possibility of shared causes between the two incidents. For example, acting FAA Chief Daniel Elwell pointed to how the tracks of both flights were oddly similar.

Then, on the aviation safety reporting system, multiple pilots and co-pilots documented terrifying accounts of how their Boeing 737 Max-8’s malfunctioned after takeoff. In one report, the pilot writes how an ‘autopilot anomaly’ led to an undesired brief nose down situation, but no issue or malfunction could be found. Then another report described by the first officer details how the same thing happened, “the aircraft pitched nose down after engaging autopilot on departure.


And though autopilot was disconnected, allowing the flight to continue uneventfully, they couldn’t “think of any reason the aircraft would pitch nose down so aggressively.”  All that said, however, again, more information from the black boxes will need to be compared, and that will be no easy task as the flight recorders on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET-302 have been damaged. Well in the meantime, at least, Boeing will be taking it’s 737-Max-8 and 9 models out of commission in multiple countries; pending a full investigation. And then in other countries like Japan and India, the models have been banned completely until further notice.

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