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Global Perspectives with Ellie Cohanim

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JNS - Global Perspectives
  • 9. Akko: Israel's No-Go Zone | Ellie Cohanim

    Episode 9

    In this week's episode, Ellie visits the old city of Akko, the site of violent riots last May.

  • 'Anti-Semitism is a Warning For The Survival of Liberal World’ | Ellie Cohanim

    Episode 8

    In this wide-ranging interview, Ellie Cohanim speaks with former Soviet refusenik, human-rights activist, Israeli politician and author Natan Sharansky. The two delve into what gave Natan Sharansky the strength to survive and fight during his imprisonment in the Soviet Union; his feelings about ...

  • 7. Fleur Hassan Nahoum: Abraham Accords 'have changed the Middle East forever'

    Episode 7

    In this interview, Ellie Cohanim speaks with Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. Filmed on location in Jerusalem and on the eve of the anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords, Ellie and Fleur discuss the “behind the scenes” of these warm peace deals and Fleur's role on the Is...

  • 6. 'We are not enemies', Historic Iranian Delegation on relations with Israel

    Episode 6

    In this interview, Ellie Cohanim talks with famed former Iranian political prisoner Ahmad Batebi and Iranian dissident Ben Tabatabai. Filmed on location in Jerusalem, Ellie Cohanim joined the two as part of a delegation of Iranian Muslim dissidents traveling to Israel to express the Iranian peopl...

  • 5. Erick Stakelback: Christian Support for Israel Has Reached 'A New Dawn'

    Episode 5

    In this interview, Ellie Cohanim interviews Erick Stakelbeck - journalist, author and host of TBN's, "The Watchman". Together, they discuss why Evangelical Christians support Israel, what the mainstream media gets wrong about the Middle East and the future of Christian/Jewish relations.

  • 4. UAE Official Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi: 'Peace is Irreversible' | Ellie Cohanim

    Ellie Cohanim interviews HE Dr. Rashid Ali Al Nuaimi, one of the brokers of the "Abraham Accords" warm peace deals between his country, the UAE, and Israel. Together, they hold a groundbreaking conversation on Arab countries' relations with Israel, the corrupted Palestinian leadership, Iranian ro...

  • 3. President Morales on Embassy Move 'They said it would be economic apocalypse"

    Episode 3

    Ellie Cohanim interviews Guatemala's Fmr President Jimmy Morales (2016-2020) discussing his landmark decision to move Guatemala's Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Filmed on location in the Morales residence, President Morales discusses the special relationship between Guatemala and I...

  • 1. Ron Dermer on Iran Deal: 'We are the guinea pigs...' | Ellie Cohanim

    Episode 1

    In this launch episode of Global Perspectives, Ellie Cohanim interviews former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. Ron was ambassador under two different American presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and was intimately involved in the most momentous events in the Jewish wor...

  • 2. How an Israeli and an Emirati Formed an Historic Partnership | Ellie Cohanim

    Episode 2

    In the second episode of Global Perspectives, Ellie Cohanim speaks with Amit Deri and Dr. Majid Al Sarrah, the co-founders of Sharaka, The Gulf-Israel Center for Social Entrepreneurship. The normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates under the Abraham Accords opened t...