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  • ILTV Insider - October 06, 2022 - Lebanon Border Deal

    ILTV Insider - October 06, 2022 - Lebanon Border Deal

  • Weekly Review - October 07, 2022

    Weekly Review - October 07, 2022

  • Your News From Israel- October 06, 2022

    Tensions continue to remain high in Judea and Samaria as Israel’s security forces on high alert during the Jewish High Holidays..
    After praise from both countries…The Israel-Lebanon maritime border deal hits a snag as Israel reportedly rejects Lebanon’s major amendments to the agreement
    And h...

  • ILTV News Flash - October 06, 2022




  • 14: Begin's Legacy | Ellie Cohanim

    Ellie Cohanim speaks with American philanthropists Bernard Hasten & Bruce Gould on the legacy of Fmr Israeli PM Menachem Begin and why they have spent their time and treasure promoting Begin’s legacy. Part of our special event coverage of the Israel Allies Foundation Gala for JNS.

  • 14: Anne Bayefsky: Apartheid Label Could Succeed in Destroying Israel

    Law professor and human rights activist Anne Bayefsky joins JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin to discuss the Apartheid Israel lie and the way the United Nations has helped promote anti-Semitism and delegitimization of Israel.
    The two discuss how the 2001 UN Durban Conference on Racism became the...

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  • Exclusive interview with Netanyahu

    We open this special show of Israel's 74 Independence Day with an exclusive interview with Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Gidon Lev - Using hateful experiences to spread love & tolerance- Full Interview

    Now typically, on Holocaust Memorial Day – we listen to the stories of those who personally lived through the Nazi regimes’ atrocities. But, while our guest today is a Holocaust survivor… He’s anything but typical.

  • Our thirsty planet: securing the future of water

    Today the international community recognizes World Water Day to highlight the importance of freshwater. In the studio and via zoom with us today some of the leading figures in the world of Water security to discuss. Join us! To

    learn more please visit the link:

  • Danielle Renov- New cooking show features the Israeli kitchen

    The culinary world- Israel is a very diverse country with a very rich palette, and if you’re like us, then you like to try as many Israeli dishes as you can. So, lucky for us, a new cooking show - Breaking Bread - takes a deep dive into the Israeli kitchen