The Israel Defense Forces is the military of the State of Israel. The purpose of the IDF is to preserve the State of Israel, to protect its independence, and to foil attempts by its enemies to disrupt the normal life within it. The soldiers of the IDF are obligated to fight and devote every effort, even at the risk of their own lives, to protect the State of Israel, its citizens and residents.

  • IDF Hanukkah Mystery Donut Challenge

    Ever had wasabi in a donut before? Neither had they...

    In the IDF's unique taste-test challenge, soldiers tried Hanukkah donut filled with various flavors—some fan favorites, and some less traditional. Here are their reactions

  • 10. The Iron Dome- A Decade of Defending Israel's Skies

    The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System was first incorporated into the Israeli Air Force's Aerial Defense Array ten years ago.

    Since its first launch, the Iron Dome has intercepted thousands of enemy rockets launched by terrorists toward Israel, keeping millions of Israeli civilians safe.

  • 8. Where Does Hamas’ Money Go

    Four years ago, we explained what Hamas, the terrorist organization that has controlled Gaza since 2006, had been up to since their rise to power. Now, we're revisiting the subject... and not much has changed.

    Instead of using its power to benefit the people of Gaza, Hamas spends the majority of...

  • 7. Bet You Didn't Know These 11 Facts About the IAF

    The Israeli Air Force has been defending Israel's skies since the State of Israel's establishment in 1948. In order to become a pilot in the IAF, you must complete the elite Israeli Air Force Pilots Course. This is everything you should know.

  • 1. Christian. Israeli. IDF Officer

    Israeli, Christian, and an IDF officer.

    This is Hadeel's story!

  • 2. Hamas In Their Own Words

    Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, has been indiscriminately firing rockets at civilian areas of Israel for the past week. Hamas has always been clear about its main objective: to eradicate Israel and Jewish people, no matter where they live.

  • 3. IDF Pilots Review Flight Scenes from Movies

    These pilots recently graduated from the Israeli Air Force Pilots Course.

    The IAF Pilots Course is an intensive three-year-long course that is held at the Flight Academy at the Hatzerim Air Base in southern Israel. Upon completing the course, the new Lieutenants officially became pilots in the I...

  • 4. Israeli Singer Performing with IDF Female Combat Commander

    The beautiful moment when Israeli singer Keren Peles asked a soldier to join her to sing one of her songs...

  • 5. Secret of Israel’s Military Revealed

    The IDF have a secret to tell you...

  • 6. Inside Scoop with IDF Dog Trainer

    Meet Corporal Mika, a dog trainer in the Israeli Air Force’s “puppy unit,” responsible for training puppies in the IDF.

    Specially trained dogs play an essential role in maintaining Israel’s security. Undergoing rigorous training and a difficult selection process, dogs who are trained in the IDF...