REPORT: There's a Measles Outbreak in LA's Orthodox Jewish Community:::Trump: Phone Call With Netanyahu ‘Very Nice’:::Trump Administration in ‘Beginning Stages’ of Discussing Embassy Move:::Ashley Judd Compares Trump to Hitler, Calls Conversion Therapy 'The New Gas Chambers':::Joshua Kushner Spotted at Washington Women's March

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    The Guardian Syria peace talks: shaky start as rebels refuse to negotiate face to face
    Arutz 7 Brothers indicted for attacking Police in Umm al-Hiran Large protest against home demolitions reaches Knesset
    Debka Astana floored by Russian pick as Assad successor
    Arutz 7 Amona rabbi: Legalize Amona New IDF orders to thwart soldier abductions replace misunderstood protocol
    Arutz 7 15-year-old Arab indicted for attempted rape of guide New IDF directives to thwart soldier abductions replace ‘misunderstood’ protocol Zionist ‘infestation’ means ‘dirty Jew’ IDF opens inquiry into killing of Palestinian protester last week




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