How One Palestinian Cafe Puts Women First - And Men in the Corner:::Both Presidential Candidates Slam UNESCO's Jerusalem Resolution:::Australian Leader Slammed for 'Unprecedented' Criticism of Shimon Peres:::Hamas Claims Israel is Lying About Negotiations for Soldiers' Bodies:::Four Suspects Arrested in Beating of Chabad Rabbi in Ukraine

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    Arutz 7 Did Obama lie about Clinton emails? Sao Paulo partners with Waze app to tackle urban mobility
    YnetNews (Breaking News) Amnesty says US coalition underestimated impact on civilians in Syria
    Arutz 7 South Africa becoming more balanced toward Israel
    Arutz 7 Amona: Were not moving anywhere Israeli teen said killed by Egyptian troops to be buried Wednesday
    Arutz 7 Trump adviser: His supporters arent anti-Semitic
    Arutz 7 Colin Powell: Ill vote for Hillary Three arrested for running alleged organ trafficking ring
    Arutz 7 Israel makes humanitarian donation to Taiwan




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